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fashiontube's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to fashiontube, a community dedicated to fashion on screen. Feel free to join and post commercial, campaign, runway, or backstage videos. The purpose of this community is for people to be exposed to the great videos that youtube and all of these great video sites offer. There is just too many out there for someone to have seen them all. It might be useless, but its just easier.

· All entries must be friends only.

· The community is not reserved to videos from youtube. You can post videos from any place, but always embedding them directly to the entry.

· Please use an lj-cut.

· No more than FIVE entries a day!

· No text outside the cut, unless specifying a video's information. The exact format is posted bellow.

· Mood and song being listened are not allowed.

· Promotion is not allowed whatsoever.

· Absolutely no icon posts allowed.

· Anything besides the video, but related to it (photoshoot, backstage pictures, campaign, etc), can be posted under the cut.

· Only ONE video outside the cut. If the video is broken into parts, please post them under the cut.

· To post, please follow this format:

· Any post that doesn't follow any of the rules will be deleted without notice.

· Affiliate list: comment here to become an affiliate.